11 Eiffel Towers is the first episode of Season 5.


The Louds get trapped inside the Eiffel Tower.


Let's recap the finale of the previous season. The Louds end losing their house by the wrecking ball incident, Leni is hit on the head, and a wrecking guy gives the Louds 13 plane tickets with a France destination. Well, what happens later?

The Louds arrive on Paris. After buying an ice bag at €3, they visit a tourist center to relax the recent tension. After they went to the Louvre, and to a fancy restaurant (the good thing was they had like €6500), the last thing on the list is the Eiffel Tower. Because it was too late, and the tower was closing, the Louds consider to wait until the next day, but Lily escapes and climbs the tower, so the others run to catch her. Unfortunately, when they reach her, the tower was closed and shutted off, so the Louds need to pass the night there.

After making the count, the Louds are ready to sleep until they open the tower the next morning. But the city lights don't let sleep the Louds. So they find another ways to entertain themselves. Results that a dog (no reference, please) was also trapped there, but no one noticed. Lily plays with the dog with a small ball. Meanwhile the others have hunger, but as they got their food confiscated at the customs, no crazy would launch itself to the street to get it.

Tired and hungry, the Louds find a dark corner to sleep. Lincoln has a nightmare on which the house will never be reconstructed, and they will have to live outside forever. Lincoln suddenly awakes, but the others say him to be safe, because all had the same nightmare. They sleep again. This time they have a future vision, which shows the house, reconstructed and all, was adquired by another owner when they were already installed there. They sleep again, and when they succeed at sleeping for third time, the sunlight starts to show. So the Louds awake when the manteinance (?) guy was about to do the cleaning. The guy asks them how did they got there. Lincoln only replies "It's a long story".

After exiting the tower, the Louds buy something to eat, and later they find a shelter. The good thing was the French Lincoln passed around there (not so for the incident of episode 74), and he offers them a home in exchange of some euros the night. The Louds accept and that night, they could sleep in a warm bed.

The New Loud House
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